Vasiliki Photography | "Release"

This series was photographed to explore the triumph over personal tragedy. Ultimately everyone experiences great loss. Be it the tragedy of death or the destruction of something held close, the experience changes a person on the inside. This change lasts forever. While everyone manages it in their own and different way, much of the same feelings exist in turmoil within our very souls. Yet, there is a time in which the chaos inside of us can be set free, leaving us at peace. Captured in a tangible way, this work depicts the release of those negative flavors leaving through the mouth. It is from the mouth we smile, we laugh, we tell people we are having a good day. Rarely do we share our true emotions and our true pains with others. Twisting and expanding, a cloud of smoky matter rises above, leaving behind the limp and beaten body. This moment is breaking but pivotal to prevail in the face of tragedy. The smoky mass is inspired by the work of Alberto Seveso, who shot wondrous images of colorful ink billows. Dropping ink into water creates unexpected shapes and textures, spinning and seething. It takes on a life of its own. Just as the ink never mixes with its surroundings neither does the aftermath of tragedy, until that time in which we allow it to leave and we are finally liberated.